Matting and Framing matted and framed art prints and original art, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Matting and Framing Pricing and Descriptions

Three price points for customizing your art print order
using a star (*) rating system:

All prices in Canadian ($CAD) currency.
Product description
Plaque mounted prints
(unless otherwise stated)
1 Star (*) 5x7" Art Cards
Comes with 2" acid free mat board
$60.00 $25.00
2 Star (**) 8x10" Art Print
Comes with 2" acid free mat board
$100.00 $40.00
3 Star (***) 16x20" Art Portfolio
Comes with 3" acid free mat board
$170.00 $85.00

Shipping & Handling will be added onto the final total of prints purchased.

Payment: Orders can be paid by any financial means accepted through Paypal.
Cheques should be made Payable to: Matting and Framing.

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